Hein Gericke Winter GlovesThese gloves have now served two winters with distinction. Not only have they kept my mitts warm and dry they’ve also managed to withstand the stupid amount of salt on the roads last year.

The gloves are just £34.99 from any Hein Gericke shop – or their website – which makes them cheap enough to replace each year if needed, but you’ll probably get a lot more than one years use out of them.

They’re too warm to wear in the sping or summer, but perfect for those chilly winter mornings when even your heated hand grips dont cut it.  If you combine these gloves with a good heated hand grip system you will never have cold hands no matter how chilly it is or how long you ride.

The lining is made from a breathable membrane so you don’t sweat in them, they’re also totally waterproof – from the webstie;

  • Winter season/rain
  • 100% water and windproof
  • Breathable Sheltex® membrane
  • Warmth-giving 3M Thinsulate® insulation
  • Reflecting 3M Scotchlite® material


  • Back of the hand: tear resistant textile

Colour: black
Safety Extras:

  • Back of the hand has stretch leather and foam padding
  • Double material on the edge of the hand
  • Scotchlite® reflective material

From a saftey point of view I wouldn’t want to have a high speed crash in them – whilst I think they’d deal with a certain amount of tarmac – I wouldn’t want to test them – they’ve very durable and don’t look like they’ll easily come apart – but there’s no amour, and they are after all made from man-made materials rather than leather.

I can’t reccomend these gloves enough – I’m now putting these back in the kit box as it’s started to get warmer and I’ve moved on to my new Urban gloves.