Last weekend Stace and I headed out to Wales to ‘rough it’ in the middle of nowhere. In the end we managed to get ourselves invited onto a farm (okay it’s not the middle of the forrest) and then into the farm’s barn – which turned out to have beds and a little kitchen – the kindness of strangers is a wonderful thing.

Whilst there we recored two videos, the first (below) was a simple introduction to a camp kitchen and a very quick and dirty recipe for bread on-the-road. To make the bread you just need flour and water – from there on out it’s all about the kneadingĀ and squashing – and avoiding the biggest mistake when it comes to bread – too much water. The second was a breakfast mess.

Take two large spoons of flour per person and then dribble in a very small amount of water (you can always add more later if needed) – use your fingers to mash the flour and water together and as the consistency thickens (it will feel quite dry) start to use your fist to drive the mixture together. Slowly it will turn to dough and you’ll be able to put out a little flour on a flat surface and knead the bread into a rough flat shape.

At this point you can add fruit or pretty much anything you like – I prefer to leave my bread plain and add a little jam as a special treat. To cook the bread just heat a pan and dribble in a tiny amount of oil – give it a good spread around the pan and add the bread. As it cooks you’ll notice small air bubbles appear, this is a good indication that it’s cooking well and you’ve not left it too thick. Seeing it’s ready is pretty easy – slightly burnt bits are an added bonus – but make sure you turn it over regularly.

Watch the video on YouTube, or embedded below. A special post on camp kitchens will be coming soon along with a further video with a breakfast recipe suitable for kings!