I occasionally drop in great marketing ideas here – normally that’s a particularly well executed TV spot – but on this occasion it’s a piece of packaging. It doesn’t take a great deal of explanation, mainly because it’s been everywhere in the last couple of days – and that’s rather the point.

Panasonic have driven massive, free advertising and that elusive ‘buzz’ around a pretty ordinary product through the simple application of packaging design. In this case there’s no clever narrative, no clever social media viral idea, just simple, effective packaging – of course the fall-out is that these photos have gone a little viral and created a buzz amongst the easily excited amongst us…. but the beautiful side-effect is that these will fly off the shelves when they’re stood next to  a plain ordinary pack of Sony buds. Genius.

View the pics of the new earphones packaging below, or read about them via 2modern Design Talk (via Lovely Package) Designers are Scholz & Friends.