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The God stuff – no longer on this blog

Posted by on June 26, 2013

So I’ve had some more notes about the ‘God stuff’ on this blog – which is really really disappointing but not totally surprising. I don’t want this blog to become a mish mash of my life as it’s served me very well for the last goodness knows how long as a platform from which to espouse motorbike travel, cooking and reviews – so let’s keep it that way.

In the same way that I keep work as far away from this blog as I can I’m going to move the God stuff away to a place where I can explore that in a much more open way – you’ll not get bombarded with it (because for the most part I guess you’ve come here for motorbikes, cooking and travel) and I’ll feel more free to write nice long pieces that I’m sure will be very cathartic for me but somewhat boring for you.

If you do want to follow along on my journey then you can head over to Matthew’sĀ God Blog here.

In biking and travel news I’m speaking – well I’m running four workshops – at the Adventure Travel Film Festival in August later this year on ‘cooking on the road’. If you’ve not booked your tickets I’d get in there now as it’s going to be a stormer of an event. Sadly I missed the HUBB UK event this year when my grandfather passed away just a few days before – the people at HUBB were totally lovely about it and I want to say thank you to them for being quite so cool.

Back on the road in 2014 once I’ve served my one year off the motorbike after Edmund was born :-)


One Response to The God stuff – no longer on this blog

  1. Peter Jones

    David’s been keeping us abreast of your news over the years (who would have thought it!), and we’re glad to hear that things have been good for you. Hope all works out for the best on your journey to priesthood.
    Peter Jones
    (David M-J’s dad – remember us from West-Mon days?)

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