If you’re looking for an amazing getaway vacation at an affordable price, look no further than Colorado. While this outdoor haven might seem pretty remote and off the map, it’s actually one of the most up and coming destinations of travel in the U.S. With unlimited access to outdoors and amazing accommodations, it’s easy to get lost in the wild beauty of the area. Spend your days outside in the mountains and your nights relaxing in one of the many luxury homes in Colorado. However you choose to spend your vacation, just know the options are endless in this remote corner of the world. Read on for some of our favorite places to visit in this amazing part of the country.


For great nightlife, food, and culture, be sure to stop by Denver during your Colorado travels. The state capital has tons to do and see, and is conveniently located near the airport. Because of its location it’s a great central hub to explore other destinations and surrounding landscapes. Stop by one of their many art or history museums, or explore the famed home of Victorian era socialite and Titanic survivor Molly Brown. Explore local rural areas for amazing days hikes, check out the local rock climbing scene, and be sure to check out the awesome brewery scene before you leave.


The climbing-haven of the world, this small Colorado city packs a punch for culture, outdoors, and pretty much everything else. Home to many world-famous climbers, the city lies in the shadow of amazing mountain peaks, like The FlatIrons. Everyone seems to have a dog and spend their days outdoors here, whether it’s hiking, climbing, biking, or fishing. The sun shines most of the year, even when it snows, making it an amazing destination for outdoor adventure. The downtown also offers a myriad of activities catered towards more urban-minded visitors, like unparalleled boutique-style restaurants and cafes, unique shops and outfitters, and a plethora of marijuana dispensaries of which the area is known for.

The Rocky Mountains

The Rockies are a U.S.- must see, and span a good portion of the state. With small mountain towns that have been around for a century or more, there are plenty of smaller destinations to see and visit in this mountain range. One great stop is Breckenridge, a little mountain town at the base of the Rockies offering historic Gold Rush buildings, awesome hiking trails, and a handful of Zagat-reviewed restaurants in cozy historic homes. Head out to mountain bike or hike its many trails or explore the history of one of these century-old mining towns. Many have preserved museums and homes from the era, making it a must-do for any visiting history buff.

Great Sand Dunes

Great Sand Dunes National Park has some of the best scenery the state of Colorado has to offer. From sweeping mountains to curved arid landscapes, this national park is a must-see if you find yourself nearby. Opt for one of its may hikes during the temperate seasons or simply drive in for the day with your camera. Pack a picnic to take in the scenery as you dine, and be sure to explore the other impressive landscapes nearby.


This quaint little town makes our list for its incredible preserved history and charming authentic appeal. If you’re looking to step back in time to the mining days of old, look no further than a trip to Tellurides. Explore its famous history museums and wander on hiking trails through this mountainous mining town.


If you like to ski, then checking out Aspen is a must. This world-renowned ski resort is a lesson in luxury all on its own. Choose from gorgeous accommodations, adorable and luxurious boutique style shops and world-class restaurants and dining. Aspen is a resort town made for luxe, but it’s possible to enjoy its benefits fully even in just one day. Make another spot your entryway into this amazing town then spend a day skiing or sightseeing in Aspen to get the full experience.


If Aspen seems a bit too fancy for your interests (or budget), check out Vail. Vail offers a similar skiing and shopping experience without all the luxe tied to the name. Visitors can full benefit from a trip to this alpine resort and enjoy the full range of things to do in a less crowded and some would say more authentic way than Aspen. Take a ski lesson or spend the day exploring the town. If you like the charm of a snowy mountain town, be sure to add this spot to your list.

Wherever you choose to spend your trip in the great state of Colorado, the best part is by far the range of activities and sights you can see for practically nothing. Spend the time and money finding a great place to stay and rest assured that you can fill your day with amazing day trips at little to no cost. Many outdoor activities in this region of the world can be enjoyed for free, and the ultra-accessible sightseeing in this part of the country makes it easy to get around and have an amazing vacation, without burning a hole in your wallet. So pick a place to stay, or two or three, pack some sturdy hiking or snow boots and splurge on that bottle of wine for the room. After a day of adventuring or shopping, you deserve it.