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Author Archives: Matthew Cashmore

The God stuff – no longer on this blog

So I’ve had some more notes about the ‘God stuff’ on this blog – which is really really disappointing but not totally surprising. I don’t want this blog to become a mish mash of my life as it’s served me very well for the last goodness knows how long as a platform from which to … Continue reading »

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My first sermon

Hi all – yes, I know – it’s been a little while since I last posted. I have a very good reason for that – he’s called Edmund and he’s rather taken over my life! Now, before you read any further this post is not about camping, cooking or motorbikes. If you’re looking for that … Continue reading »

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Betting on the MotoGP

This season’s MotoGP – or Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix – has been up and running for around two months now, and will continue until November. As this is the top level of competitive motorcycle racing it draws more audience and betting interest than any other form of the sport – with many of … Continue reading »

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Leaving Hachette and joining Blackwell’s

If feels a little soon to be writing this note but opportunities like this don’t turn up very often. I’m properly excited to share that on November 12th I’ll be joining the board of Blackwell’s as the new Digital Director. It means I’ll be leaving Hachette shortly before – a company that I’ve had a … Continue reading »

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Lots of news

It’s been very quiet here of late – that’s because there’s lots of news – lots of things going on that I can’t wait to tell you about… but for the moment need to remain on the QT. The biggest news of course is that Catherine and I are expecting our first baby – Edmund, … Continue reading »

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Adventure Travel Film Festival

I first came across Robert Fulton back in 2007 when I was seeking inspiration for the upcoming Russia trip. I wanted to understand what drove people to want to explore the world on two wheels – I was trying to understand what this strange obsession was; what was it that had so thoroughly taken over … Continue reading »

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2013 – Kazakhstan

–Update here– I’ve started planning for a six week run next year out to Kazakhstan and Russia. What that means in practice is that I’ve sort-of asked my boss for permission to take six weeks leave, I’ve sort-of thought about dates, I’ve sort-of thought about money, and I’ve sort-of cleared it with Mrs Cashmore. That’s … Continue reading »

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Travellers Prayer – the end to the Budapest story

When I went to Budapest I spent an extra day ‘bunged up’ in the hotel. When I was feeling better I took a walk across the road to the famous cave church. I love visiting places like this – and when I was still feeling under the weather the quiet time and reflection really helped. … Continue reading »

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The Pyrenees, coast to coast.

I just found this video over on the Adventure Bike Rider forum and simply had to share it. Coast to coast through the Pyrenees from Today Adventure on Vimeo. From the gentleman’s blog: Pizza Boy Bragança, Portugal One tiny scooter that dares to leave town and just can’t stop anymore. An ordinary sedentary driver in … Continue reading »

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Has the internet ruined adventure travel?

No. Have a read of this piece on the BBC Magazine written by a poor poor journalist who has been forced to experience the internet and phone signal in an area previously untouched by such modern inconveniences. Sorry, I know I’m sounding snarky. The thing that gets my goat here is that it’s wonderful to … Continue reading »

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