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Schuberth S1 Helmet – Review

I apparently own the best helmet money can buy, it’s nice to know that my £350 has gone some-way to giving me the quietest, safest lid on the market.

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Whilst this image doesn’t do the lid any favours design wise, I can say that I have a very sexy lid… I paid a little extra and have a stunning paint job. Black with gold dragons, how could I refuse?

Let’s start with this lids biggest selling point… it’s supposed to be the quietest lid on the market, and when you put it on in the store you’re immediately grabbed by how little noise there is, the second thing that surprise me was how ‘lush’ the inside feels next to your skin. It’s the difference from going from a £1.50 disposable razor to the very latest Gillette Fusion, it’s like walking off hard stone into deep pile stately home luxury.

The second thing which surprises you is the internal sun visor, Schuberth where the first to introduce this, and in my opinion still implement it in the best way. A quick flick of the slider on your left hand side and it’s down, again a quick flip and it’s up – easy to do at 5mph and 130mph (so I’m told ;-)). If it was left up to me I would have made the internal visor a few shades darker, but to be frank I’ve not come across sun strong enough to make me want to put extra sun glasses on – not even that low autumn glowing red ball that normally makes me pull over and grab the glasses… and there-in lies it’s benefit – no pulling over when you get surprised by the sun, or if the sun suddenly goes away.

The S1 is also one of the safest lids on the market, it’s what Schubert call S.T.R.O.N.G.S

S. –   RIM
G. — GRP

It also has A.R.O.S

A.R.O.S. –

Which will stop the helmet being pulled off your head in the case of an accident. A rather clever idea and one that inspires confidence in the though process behind this lid.

Finally, but certainly not least important, this lid is really warm, it was a little too warm over the summer, but now the weather is closing in I’m rather glad of it… it’s like being wrapped in a warm blanked… no cold air sneaks in past the neck huger and I don’t have to put up with running eyes that my old lid used to cause as cold air streamed past my neck and hit my face.

The only failing with this lid has been the outer visor – it’s not very fog resistant – most mornings I have to open it a crack to let in a little bit of air – most of the time I can just open the front vent – but if you’re sat in traffic – forget it – you’ll need to open it. Not the end of the world, and a very small failing for what is, overall, a very comfortable, very warm, very safe helmet. I can’t recommend it enough.

If you enjoy this review – I’ve written a few others you may like.


  1. Nod

    Nice review, nice lid.

  2. Paul

    I have a C2 Schuberth Helmet.
    Recently I was traveling at 50mph when a metal recovery vehicle traveling in the opposite direct also at about 50mph. When it shed a piece of metal. This piece of metal hit me full in the visor (combined speed of 100 mph)Although the visor cracked the piece of metal ricochet off without injuring me.. Any lesser visor and I would have been killed.. So I fully endorse the strength of this helmet

  3. Dave Austin

    I have been using the C2 for about 3 years now and the only item thats had to be replaced is the outer visor. As a long distance courier my average trip is 400 miles. Last week I did a trip to Amsterdam, this trip was 680 miles and I was out almost 16 hours and the helmet was on my head for about 90% of this time without any discomfort at all, this speaks volumes about the qaulity of this product.

  4. Father Ted

    Hi, Can you tell me what noise levels are like in helmet please.


  5. mattcashmore

    Hi Father Ted – without a doubt the most silent lid I have ever owned – well worth it if you want a quiet time.

  6. Flattop

    I have a caberg that let water run down the inside of the helmet when it rains. I’m looking for something that won’t do that. Can you confirm that this helmet won’t leak water through the visor?

  7. Matthew Cashmore

    Hi there flattop,

    I can indeed confirm that the S1 doesn’t let water in through the visor – in fact it’s such a snug fit that you’ll find you’ll HAVE to open the vent otherwise you’ll have problems breathing. But even with all the vents open I’ve never had any water get in.


  8. Father Ted

    I bought the S1 Pro based on reviews from this form,Hein G and others. This, I must say, was the biggest waste of money I have made. My old Shoei XR1000 is quieter. I`m currently in dispute with HG over the helmet. I`ve tried it on other bikes, different screens, mates have tried it on their bikes and all say it is crap in the noise department.I strongly advise if fancy a Schuberth to try a mates one first because they are not what they are cracked up to be, anybody who says different must of had a crap helmet before.

  9. mattcashmore

    Sorry to hear that Father Ted – but as you say in your own post most people rate it very highly for noise – myself included. I tested the lid by running it down to Morocco and back and used it for a year on and off commuting into Central London.

    Motorway and city alike I find the lid to be the quietest I’ve ever used. To give you some perspective I have a Shoei Hornet, a Caberg V2R, a Lazer LZ6 and now a AGV S4 – none of them particularly shoddy… the Hornet is noisy as hell the V2 is not bad the Lazer pretty good, the the AGV about average – the S1 leaves them all behind though.

    I tested on a CBF600 with both the standard screen and the Givi aftermarket touring screen.

    But as ever with people’s own reviews and opinions… your millage may vary – and I’m sorry this time it didn’t work out for you – thanks for coming back and leaving your comment – this way people get to see a bigger picture.


  10. andy

    Have recently bought a S1 pro and combined with earplugs it is spookily quite. rode the other day in strong cross winds and compared to my previous shoei it was amazing.
    aslo like the sun visor which is very easy to use with the position of the switch being on the bottom left of the helmet.
    Having said that, the slightest open venton the visor creates a dramatic increase in noise – almost as much as my Arai enduro helment which is open face. So its great for longer journeys when the top vents do the trick but a bit rubbish in traffic