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Reviews for 2012

After being prodded on Twitter, and reminded on Facebook that there’s been an ‘unacceptable lull’ in my reviews I’ve started putting the list together for 2012 reviews. So far I have: Power Traveller Products Power monkey Mini gorilla Exped Down / Syn Mats TATONKA – Narvik 2 EXPED – Orion Garmin Zumo 660 – long … Continue reading »

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Dreaded time of year…

…. the time has come to renew the bike insurance. Hate it. Once again I’ve spent hours going through quotes and trying to figure out which policy is best – I think the thing that winds me up the most (other than making a bunch of phone calls and filling out blasted web forms) is … Continue reading »

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Asus – a couple of months of ownership

I’ve had the Eee PC (701) now for a few months and have been using it as my primary machine whilst away and my secondary machine at home. I must admit I’ve had a few issues with it. I’ve had to return it to factory defaults (keep hitting F9 at start up) about 5 times, … Continue reading »

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The new poncho

Uploaded from South Wales, where I discovered that a simple rip stop nylon poncho packs up smaller than the army issue job, and even fits me!

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No speaky…. Not a video review this time, unusual for us I know, however I’ve just got hold of a really nice piece of kit that may well prove more valuable than mine and Matt’s (failed) Russian language (Svetlana please forgive us….) course we had planned to do for the trip – I finished having … Continue reading »

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Coolabah Swag bag – the wet weather test

As I couldn’t go camping with Mrs Cashmore this weekend – I decided to take advantage of the hideous weather to give the swag a good wet test. First of all I wanted to play around with configurations to keep as much of the water off the bag as possible – that resulted in this … Continue reading »

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Nikwax – waterproofing for the journey

A little while ago we met a very nice chap called Michael Field at the Daily Telegraph Adventure Travel Show – we had a good talk to him and he told us the best way to keep ourselves dry on the road. After we got back Michael dropped us a line and very kindly offered … Continue reading »

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Coolabah Swag Bag Review

Choosing a tent to take overland is never an easy task, do you go for weight? What about material? Cost? All very important questions, but ultimately I think it boils down to how you work with the tent and how it works for you in return. I know, slightly strange to be talking about forming … Continue reading »

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Camping Espresso Review

Some people may say this is a luxury – but frankly there is nothing worse than waking up in a cold tent on a cold morning to be greeted by instant coffee or stale tea. The easy way to solve this problem? A camping espresso machine of course! Perfect for that first thing wake-me-up. Click … Continue reading »

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Trangia Review

Continuing the series of video reviews, in this episode we look at the Trangia 25-5 – that’s the 2-4 person system that’s non-stick. Click To Play (embedded movie from The Trangia is a wonderful all round system. I use the 25 (the slightly larger version) because I find the 27 too small for a … Continue reading »

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