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Westminster Council Parking Fees… is wrong

Wrong wrong wrong on so many levels. Here’s a video we shot for

Sign the petition here and visit the campain website here

It’s just stupid – bike bays are over subscribed, so build more, but to pay for them the council wants to charge us. How much would it actually cost? Serisously? What’s more by the time they’ve paid off the ‘costs’ what happens to the money then? Well it goes to Westminster Council of course.. to fill the coffers to spend on other projects.

Motorbikes cut congestion and polution. How can making it harder to use them in London help the capitals aim of cutting both those things? It’s insane.

Ian isn’t happy about this either.


  1. Now Westminster Council have been told to stop clamping and towing away cars they are unashamedly tapping money out of the next highest source of road users. I mean really how much money does it cost to paint a motorcylce bay? I am sure they will be looking at ways to tap money out of electric car users soon. Westminster council will always find a way to squeeze money out of people using their streets and try and justify it with some bogus excuse. I wish we all could just boycott the area.

  2. Sorry one other thing!

    You may also be interested in watching our latest protest against Westminster where over 500+ motorcyclists and scooterists were out on the streets, oh and forced their way in to Westminster City Hall.


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