Roundhill is the only camp site in the New Forest that will accept Motorbikes – the coolest thing about the site is that the motorbike field is well away from the main family area so large groups will not disturb other people.

The site is quite far away though and you have to be dedicated to get there, there’s also NO PUB anywhere near so you’d have to take everything – they let you take a van onto the field but you’d have to remove it after you’ve unloaded it. Hog-roast would be fine with them – but no wood fires.

Site staff are very friendly and helpful.

There are a lot of really great roads around the site, I had a great time riding around the New Forest – until I got pulled for doing 90 on the 40 limit roads (they’re all 40!) but fortunately for me the roads are owned by the commission so the copper could only ‘advise’ me to go slower.

There’s a good little shop near (1 mile) but it’s very small and would be no good to buy food from (they had a very limited supply of everything).

Perfect if you want a secluded spot where you can go wild and want to do everything yourself.  My problems with the site where small… toilets where too far away, I was frowned at a lot, roads would be fun if there wasn’t a stupid limit, and they where crowded with cyclists. No pub near, and shop was very limited. I will prob go there again… but with my wife not a bike club.

See pictures from the site here;