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Vote for your 2012 most inspirational Travel Book

Well that’s it folks. A couple of weeks ago I asked you to nominate your most inspirational Travel Books for 2012. They didn’t need to be published in 2012, but they did need to inspire you enough to get off your bottom and to actually go out and travel.

I’ve been stunned by the response – so many books have been nominated that I’ve had to narrow them down to the top 20 so that voting will be a little more sensible. The winners of the nomination competition to win a £30 Traveldri-Plus voucher and a Lonely Planet book up to the value of £15 are:

  • 1st Place – Greg Hughes (voucher)
  • 2nd Place – Steve Freeman  (book)

Congratulations to you both. Now, without further ado – get clicking the votes below and help make your favourite travel book the 2012 Inspirational Travel book of the year!

Which title is the most inspirational Travel Book?

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  1. Caryl Jones

    It’s the only one on the list I’ve read from cover to cover so far. More than just a book, it was an education and inspiration. I shall look forward to reading more on the list in due course, but I really hope to read more from Paddy Tyson in the future too.

  2. Highwaylass

    Hmm. I can’t bear Running with the Moon, it’s far too macho. I love Lois on the Loose, and I love The Perfect Vehicle but I wouldn’t call that a travel book. Since I’ve only got one vote I’m afraid it’s going to the Godfather – Ted Simon. Without his book I’d still be a biker but the furthest I’d ride would be to the office and back.

  3. Steve Freeman

    Got to be Totillias to Totems for me. Travel and endings. That ability to just keep plugging on and remaining so human and interested after a phenomenal trip.

    • Matthew Cashmore

      Yes I have to agree! I think that is definitely Sam’s best book – but then Into Africa comes in a VERY close second. Get the word out Steve otherwise Sam isn’t going to take this….

    • Sam Manicom

      Hi Steve, Grief! I really value those thoughts. Thanks very much for voting for Tortillas to Totems. One day, as my books get better known, perhaps we’ll make it higher up the ratings. But I must say that I’m really chuffed at all the votes they did get. So this is a ‘thank you’ from me to everyone for voting. Cheers! : )

      And Matthew… what a terrific idea to run the competition. Its a great way to help get the word out about some truly fantastic travel books.