I’m back in blighty – not only that but I’m back in London as it all seems to be kicking off. Grabbed a copy of MCN on the way out of the country a few weeks ago and caught a large article proclaiming to be organising a ride through Central London to let the government know what we think about road pricing.

londonbikers.com have a great article explaining why RiderConnect and MCN have teamed up to deal with this issue – it’s worth a quick read – but what gets me, and what worries me is why MCN are involved. I have a horrible feeling it’s only to increase their circulation rather than do any good. It’s that dreadful double edged sword of getting into bed with any red top… you get wonderful publicity, but you’re also sleeping with the Devil.

It’s a great cause, and I’ll be there with the others ready to have my voice, or engine, heard outside No. 10.