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An interview with the Mo


Many of you will have noticed I’ve been growing a tache…. yes I think it looks good, and yes Mrs Cashmore will be waiting at Heathrow with a razor.

What many of you may not know is that I’ve been doing it for charity – in particualr I’ve been doing it to raise a little cash for male cancer charities here in Oz. You’ll remember about this time last year I was also raising money through sponsorship of the ride to Russia for male cancer charities in the UK… thank you to everyone that has donated.

In fact if you’ve not donated yet you can still do so over at my movember page. The Lonely Planet team has raised just over $3000 to date, I’ve raised $35 which is a bit embarrassing… so please do help.

I thought I’d leave you with a rare interview that I (and my tache) gave to LP Staffer Huw Fowles.

LP: Mr Tashmore – how is your mo going?
Mr T: Very well – although it refuses to grow in the middle – and I constantly think there’s something on my lip, before realising there is something on my lip.

LP: Does he/she have a name?
Mr T: Dear God man! What am I? A childrens’ TV presenter?

LP: Which celebrity have you modelled yourself on?
Mr T: My dad.

LP: (tears in eyes) What will you be doing with your mo at the end of the month?
Mr T: Keeping it until the wife demands that it’s removed – which should give me until Christmas to get a really good lip bush going.

LP: What are your plans for Decembeard and Januhairy?
Mr T: Please no more – seriously – no more……

And while Mr Tashmore has his back turned we managed to get a quiet word with Mr T’s mo.

LP: What is your real name?
Mr T’s mo: Trevor.

LP: Trev – how is life with Mr Tashmore going?
Trevor: Yeah it’s OK. Mr T treats me well. Though we seem to be spending way too much time watching classic cricket matches from the 80s and he seems totally obsessed with going around to people’s houses wanting to clean their pools. Weird.

LP: Mr T has modelled you on his dad – any truth to that rumour?
Trevor: Completely. Matt’s dad is Tom Selleck.

LP: We hear you’ll be on display until Christmas?
Trevor: Yeah – happy with that. I was expecting to be on e-Bay later this week. Do you have any idea how much Tom Selleck’s son’s mo would fetch? The mind boggles.

LP: What are your plans for Decembeard and Januhairy?
Trevor: I want to continue to grow as a moustache and I’m pushing for Mr T to allow Brian (the beard) to come play. But if Mr T invites that nerdlinger Graham (goatee), I’ll probably leave in protest. Plus if I leave, Mr T will look like a librarian or that dude from the Curiousity Show and that’d be a right laugh.

LP: Thanks for your time Trev.

Finally – but really most importantly….. please… go check your balls now, and then keep checking them regularly…. there’s even a handy YouTube video that shows you how

Good news from Everyman

As many of you know, on this trip we’re raising money for Everyman – the male cancer charity – look up in the top right hand corner and you can do your bit too 😉

Anyway, great news from them today – they think they’ve found a new drug that will combat prostate cancer – this is your money and your support that’s making this possible – BBC News Story about new Prostate Cancer drug.

As we get closer to the off, and as we’re getting the party together – I just wanted to say that if you are coming to the party and are thinking about bringing a bottle… consider giving that money to Everyman instead… we’re very close to the £1000 mark and it would be great to tip it over the edge before we go.

Finally I’d like to leave you with a short video.