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Mashed is a no go this year

The people who made Mashed08 happen

The people who made Mashed08 happen

As you may have seen over on the blog Mashed isn’t happening this year. Ewan sums it up well

you put smart people in a room and great things happen. Put smart people in a room with their own DAB TV station and a red button service they can hack away with, and you get some gorgeous results.

Mashed will be missed this year – I’ll miss organising it again – it was one of the hardest things to leave behind when I left the BBC – but at least I get to run the Lonely Planet Travel Blogger Awards now – no crazy social flight sims – but still… loads of fun.

I think the beeb has made the right call on trying to concentrate on doing more smaller things all over the country but I do hope when things get a bit better out there that something like Mashed comes along again soon.

Mashed rocked the world

Well London at least. Well, Alexandra Palace anyway.

Thank you to everyone who’s been contacting me about Mashed for 2009 – as some of you may know I left the BBC late last year to come and work for Lonely Planet – and as such I’m not involved with the organisation any more… but should I hear anything I’ll be sure to pass it on.

I’m just remembering why Mashed was so bloody fantastic…. and then I saw this on Ewan’s blog this morning…

Social Flight Sim from Cristiano Betta on Vimeo.

Mashed sign up to go live

June 21st and 22nd is fast approaching and as everything is slotting into place here, the sign up is ready to go live. We’re releasing about 400 tickets this year, and given how quickly they sold out last year I’d keep an eye on the blog and on this week.

Lots of exciting things to talk about and not very much time to get it all done!