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Video updates now working again…

Sorry for the lack of video updates but as you can see from the last post we’ve had some issues getting the latest ones live… it’s now fixed though!

Latest videos now appearing at the top of the screen – don’t forget we’re doing several a day now (shorter ones!) so click on the ‘qik’ button and make sure you’re up to date with the latest news from the road.

Germany here we come!

400 miles and we made it to Poland

It’s hard to think that just 48 hours ago we were still in mother Russia, now we’re in Poland… in a hotel… living the dream 😉

Not much to write that’s not already in the video – but talking of the video – they’re not working properly. For some reason the videos ARE uploading to the QIK service but not to our website – so to see the latest video go over to to view… I’ve emailed support and it may just fix itself. For those interested it appears the RSS update isn’t coming through… mmm odd.

Anyway – all is well here and here’s the latest video. Not quite live, from Poland.