Sorry we’ve not been writing quite as much as we’d planned – but internet access doesn’t seem to be as prevalent as expected.

But none of that matters! Because we’re in a camp site of our dreams…. the first three we went to today were shut – this one was open – and why is it so fantastic? Because they’ve let us camp in the band stand, and they have wi-fi – and all this for four euros each.

We’re now two days behind schedule – tomorrow we should get to St Petersburg – with any luck – and we need it. You’ll know what’s gone wrong if you’re following the videos above (tip – click the ‘qik’ button to watch older videos – we’re now doing more than one a day) but essentially all our problems have meant we’ve had to seriously re-think our plan.

So far the plan goes like this…. get to St Petersburg… after that we’re going to see how much money and time is left. The repairs to the bikes have hit the pocket hard as have the enforced stays in hotels – either due to horrendous weather of breakdowns.

Anyway – we’ll update you more when we get to Russia. Keep watching the videos – I’m also uploading some photos to flickr – but they’re taking ages so don’t expect too many 🙂