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About & Contact

Matthew Cashmore on his motorbike

Matthew is an Ordinand in the Church of England. He is studying towards a BA in Theology and Ministry at Ripon College Cuddesdon. God willing he will be Assistant Curate in the West Hereford Team after he is Ordained at Hereford Cathedral on the 2nd July 2017. He lives in Cuddesdon with his wife Catherine, his son Edmund, two dogs, a cat and some chickens.

Matthew has traveled by motorbike across Europe, Morocco, the Baltics and Russia. Well known as one of the instrumental organisers of Hack Day, Mashed and Over the Air developer events – his love of technology also hits the road; he tests out new kit and tech ideas along the way. He enjoys blogging and making videos about life on the road, camp cooking and life in the countryside. His last jaunt took him to Budapest via the Swiss Alps. He also raises money for charities along the way – including testicular cancer and for a local community centre. His popular short films can be seen on YouTube and his ramblings can be seen right here on his blog.

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2 Responses to About & Contact

  1. Evan

    Hey Matthew, I was just looking on the Powertraveller website and was just reading through your case studies and saw a picture of you charging a macbook pro with your minigorilla.
    I have spend ages researching how to charge a macbook with a external battery pack and your photo has been the only help. Would you be able to tell me how you are doing this and were did you buy the cable. It would be so helpful.

    Thanks, Evan

    • Matthew Cashmore

      Hi Evan – great to hear from you. There are two ways to do this. The first is the official way… buy the Apple airplane power adaptor – which you can then plug into the gorilla 12v ‘lighter’ adaptor. Which works. Or, you can get hold of Power Traveler directly and ask them very nicely where I got my cable from – because Apple don’t let people butcher their power cables and sell them… 😉

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