This could be a traditional rant from a biker about how people using mobile phones are a danger to themselves and everyone else on the road. And it is.

I know from personal experience that when I’m in the car and I’ve used a mobile I think it’s fine… no problem I’ve got control… but here’s the rub… you’re not… take it from someone who sees you swerving over the road, only ever so slightly – but think about it – you only need to drift 1/2 foot and you’ve knocked me off my bike. Yes I know filtering can be dangerous and I know us bikers can do if far to fast – and I have a problem with that too – but we’re all on the roads together – and just as I look out for cyclists shooting out of stupid holes where they shouldn’t be – drivers should be looking for bikers filtering in traffic – this is London for God sake!

In a recent government report is was noted that 38% of accidents where caused by people not paying attention, or using their mobile phone, but only 4% where directly caused by speed… more on this soon… but in the mean time WILL YOU PLEASE GET OFF YOUR BLOODY MOBILE PHONE BEFORE I RIP YOUR WING MIRROR OFF!