Got back very late last night from a mid November jaunt across the channel to France!

All the photos here

What a fantastic day, every time I go over I’m amazed at how polite all the drivers are, how good all the roads are, and how much warmer it can be than the UK!

We left on the 8:30 ferry and came back on the 21:00 – so had a full day of blasting down to St Omer, and then out to the coast to La Touque and up the coastal road back to the ferry. It may have been Novemember – and it was cold – but it was simply divine.

It actually points to some issues that we have in this country… like asking why we can’t keep our roads as well maintained as the French, why we’re so much more agressive on the roads than the French, and why Brits abroad just make me cringe. Alot.