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We need your help

Route MapSo now we’ve managed to complete our basic route, we need your help. Do you live on or near our stops?

Do you have the latest information on our border crossings? Do you have any practical advise on how we can keep our bikes running perfectly over 5000 miles?

We’d love to hear from you, and about your experiences about riding long distances over unfamiliar ground – contact us now – there’s at least one pint in it, maybe more!


  1. Auke

    Well chaps, I live in Moscow since 1 year, and could help you out with some of the practical questions. I’m Dutch, and biker btw.

    Just send your q’s and I’ll be happy to try to answer.


  2. mattcashmore

    That’s great! Thanks Auke – we’ll be emailing you 🙂