…that you can’t finish.

Blast. I have had the most frustrating afternoon. I started what I thought was a pretty straight-forward job. Replace my chain and sprockets. Nice and simple, just get the back wheel off, break the old chain, take off the sprockets and then put it all back together.

What I didn’t learn on the nice pristine bikes in college is that nuts with loads of road crud on them, that have been on there since new don’t like to come off. That a ‘cheap’ £50 chain breaker hasn’t got a hope of knocking out those studs (I hope it’ll rivet the new chain back together or that was a waste of money), and that what I really need is a compressor, an impact wrench and an angle-grinder.

Tomorrow morning will see me blowing a wad at Machine Mart. Still, even with buying the kit it’s cheaper than taking it to Honda, and it’s teaching me some important lessons before the September off.

Darn it