I’ve been looking for spares since my accident. Some are harder to find than others and let’s be honest as this is a Honda new ones aren’t cheap so ‘previously enjoyed’ spares are the order of the day.

One part that’s been particulary vexing for me has been the front fairing spur – without being to technical it holds the front fairing and the intruments to the front of the bike and a new honda one is about £200.

Afterweeks of looking on Ebay (UK and Germany) I bit the bullet and ordered a ‘discounted’ one from a well known Honda parts specialist.

 Now I know you know where this is going but not two days after placing my order (non returnable & money upfront) I was tralwing on ebay.de and low and behold not one but TWO of the dam things are listed and both shipping to the UK.

I hate the internet.