Running With The MoonI’ve just started reading Running With The Moon by Jonny Bealby – after reading the reviews over at Amazon I was a little concerned – some are amazing, but rather a few are a little derogatory.

It’s a revelation. I made the mistake of reading the first couple of chapters just as I was heading for bed whilst away in Swansea. Away from my wife and my family I read how Jonny lost his love as she died in his arms in India. Not what I needed for a good deap sleep, in fact it stirred the most silly dreams and I ended up calling Catheirne in the middle of the night to make sure she was okay.

Now the story is into full swing, it’s settled into a wonderfully woven thread that grabs you and refuses to let you put it down. So if you try to get hold of me over the next couple of days, forget it, my head is buried in this fantastic book