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Long Way Down

Long Way DownI’m really enjoying the new stuff from Euan and Charley. This time they’re heading all the way to the bottom of Africa – no small task – and once again there’s a TV series to go with it.

What makes this one a little different however is the fact that they’re doing it with the BBC, rather than Sky, must admit I’m sure Charley wasn’t happy with Sky when they bumped Race to Dakar to Sky Two! But the most important thing about it coming to the beeb is that the site that goes with it is fantastic.

Rather than just posting updates about the DVD, the book, and the TV show – the site is a full on proper web experience – and what’s more it’s the only way you can enjoy the journey ‘live’.

I’m loving watching the progress on the interactive map – based on a google mashup – but most of all I’m loving the video on the site, and the short and to the point posts from the boys and the team around them – it actually feels like I’m traveling with them, I’m holding my breath waiting for the next entry and that they’ll get through the next problem!

I’ve been pulling all the data down via the RSS feeds, but I love how simple and clean the site is. I’m crossing everything for them right now… they’re right into Africa and need all the support they can get. Looks as if everything is going to plan though, certainly if the quick Q&A session they did for News Online is anything to go by.

The other thing that took my by surprise was the mobile section of the site, quite often these things can feel bolted on and half done, but the beeb seems to have pulled this off nicely with a little information and often, plus a weekly quiz and other goodies.

All in all a very impressive site that lets me be part of the journey… certainly makes up for the fact that I’ve had to delay my own trip to Russia until next July… especially when it was inspired by Euan and Charleys first series.

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  1. Enrica Garzilli

    Hi Matthew, I lost your visiting card (misplaced perhaps) but I am going to send you somehow the clips of the 3 articles on the Hackday London. And to Chad Dickerson. They will be published in a few days.

    Ciao ciao:)


    (I am a Milan biker myself, although here people are not as kind as in London..)