Now the thing is this week I’ve been tucked away in Cashmore towers because the lady of the house has required a nurse – and as you know I’m quite good at doing that kind of thing – in any case I took the opportunity to carry out a few repairs to the CBF – oil change, brake pads – that kind of thing. All was progressing well until I did this… to the left hand brake calliper…

broken brake 001

Now, fortunately I was at home this week so I thought, no great issue I can afford the time to order a second hand part off ebay – see the auction here – and wait for it to arrive.

I’m already frustrated because I can’t get out of the house (not to mention breaking a £100 part off my bike), but to make matters worse there’s a postal strike and it doesn’t arrive until today – 7 days after I ordered it – nothing to do with the breakers sending it – just the bloody post!

But guess what – here’s what they sent me…

calliper 004

Can you see the difference here? I bloody can, and it means I’m going to have to drive into work all next week in the bloody car because the bloody breakers sent the wrong bloody part.

Now where’s my book – ahh there it is – Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance.