Just been on my first observed run for quite a while… a really nice guy called Phil Roethenbaugh took me out, and after a quick chat in the Tescos car park we hit the road.

I’ve not ridden ‘advanced style’ for over three months. I was amazed how much of it has actually integrated itself into my everyday riding. I didn’t have to try hard today, it all came quite naturally. My town riding still needs work – I move around far too much – if I see someone on the pavement looking around, or if I run past a gate or turn I can’t see properly I’m putting as much space between me and them as possible. But I think that’s what comes of riding through London everyday.

You learn to give yourself as much space as possible, as much room as you can manage to ensure that you can get out of any issues that may arise. Sometimes that means going very very slowly, and sometimes that means giving yourself a lot of space.

Then again sometimes that means thinking hard about the new London Mayor – is it time to see Ken go? Perhaps – take a look here