CIMG2800So I’m in Cannes, yes okay it’s the south of France, I have a tough job (it’s not very nice here as it happens – wind and rain). But today I’ve sat through all the pitches for the BBC within content 360.

Having run labs this year it’s interesting to see the ideas that are being pitched to the same briefs I’ve already spent two weeks working on with diverse companies in the UK – and I have another two weeks of working on them.

The same commissioners are here, broadly looking at the same ideas and I’m beginning to wonder how much of a pain it is for large organizations like the BBC to interact in a meaningful way with indies – the current models are unsustainable as we require more and more time from commissioners to look at ideas that at this early stage are very weak or simply just not for the BBC.

How can we pull all this together, or at the very least insert a filter further down the line without losing the gem of a fantastic idea.

I think there’s some lessons we can learn here – I’m just not sure what they are yet.