CIMG2846So here I am at the show… it’s live over at

It’s a rather strange set – dressed as it is to give the results in a mastermind style – very odd.

More here as it happens.

Photo’s as they go up over at –

So very strange so far – but by far the best way I’ve seen to present what can be a very boring set of awards – great for those involved (they get cash) but not for those of us in the audience.

It’s descended into even more strangeness here as we reach half time – a really funny way to give away prizes – throw your business card (I forgot mine!) at the stage and get a helicopter ride or a mobile phone… now back to the awards. (Photos on the flickr stream of this happening)

CIMG2858He he…. Ashley has just been pulled up on stage and described as Yoda 🙂

Just noticed that Ingrid – the able assistant on-stage keeps changing her tee-shirt – quite funny and slightly odd – wondering if there’s a reason behind it.

On-stage host is turning into a bit of a letch…. but to be fair… Jason DaPonte is a very attractive man 😉

Winners (BBC only):

  • Mass Participation – Poltergeist 360
  • Advanced mobile interaction with TV Content – Coded Vision
  • New forms of web-based audio and video aggregation – Microstations
  • New IPTV Concepts – Interactive Programme Templates

That’s it from the BBC categories – I’ll sign off now as the new Asus is complaining that its battery is low 🙁

Great event, very well put together and lots of fun.