Okay so I’m a geek, the first thing that comes into my head when I think about music on the road is my iPod. But hang on a second, I also happen to play a few instruments – Claranet, Trombone, Euphonium, Piano and a couple of others – but it’s never occurded to me to take them away with me on the bike trips.

How cool is this guy? This is guitar two of five, each one costing less than 20 pesos. His name is Jonno and he’s a new chap on a forum I’m a member of called Horizons Unlimited – a few weeks ago there was a heated debate about taking a guitar on the road – many of the old hands pointing out that it simply couldn’t be done.

Now here’s this guy who’s never done this stuff before and he’s proved the old guard wrong – his reason for taking it? It breaks the ice with the locals and reduces stress after a long hard slog on the bike. To be frank if that beach and palm trees don’t reduce stress I don’t know what will – but as far as meeting the locals goes – what a  great idea.

Perhaps I should work out a way to take a piano?