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Coolabah Swag Bag Review – Video

Watch the video review.


  1. Roly

    Great review Matt, looks a neat bit of kit. Reminds me of a tent
    /hammock hybrid which Chris Gibson used when he slept in my woods last summer (can’t remember what it was called).

  2. mattcashmore

    Sounds interesting – any idea at all what it was?


  3. BarryP

    Ineresting review Matt. i am wondering how practical it is pitching in wet European summers, as i don’t see how you can keep your sleeping kit dry. I hope you will comment on you experience after your Russia trip.

  4. mattcashmore

    Hi Barry,

    Yes well in the end we didn’t take the swag bag… for that very reason. It did get a wet weather test – – which basically confirmed that you’ll keep bone dry overnight.

    The canvas is really water-proof. But when you roll it up during the day the water works it’s way through the material and gets your kit wet.

    So in the end I went for a very new and shiny Tatonka Kiruna –

    Which performed perfectly.