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Some people shouldn’t be allowed to watch TV

willy warmerThe people who wrote in to the BBC Trust to complain about Top Gear showing an image of a frost bitten willy, and showing Jeremy Clarkson and James May enjoying a glass of rather nice booze as they drove to the North Pole (get that – they were driving to the North Pole – in a car – showing how comfortable it was to do so and that you didn’t in fact need to do it with a dog sled – which is hard) should be banned from watching TV.

We should be able to revoke peoples Sky Subscriptions, remove their freeview boxes and ask politely for the return of their TV License.

Seriously folks. It was funny, it wasn’t dangerous, and it was editorially justified. Get over yourselves.

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  1. Briantist


    You should try this site, it will REALLY wind you up…