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So I’m leaving the BBC….

Melbourne City Scape by Andrew Hux …. I never thought I’d say those words again, after one brief stint (18 months) a couple of years ago, I found I missed the rather amazing atmosphere and creative people.

There’s lots that can get on your nerves about the BBC (generally it’s finance), but none of that stops it being one of the most amazing places to work in the world, it’s easily the best place to work in the UK – and therein is the problem.

There was frankly no-one in the UK that could have got me out of the beeb, not with buckets of cash and technology that would have made me cry… but then along came Lonely Planet and devised a role that I simply had to go for, and thankfully have got!

So from the start of October I’ll be the new Innovation Ecosystem Manager for Lonely Planet based out of Melbourne in Australia – it’s all rather cool 🙂


  1. Euan Semple

    Congrats on your escape and to such a cool job!

    Nice one


  2. Tom Loosemore

    Well done, Matt! Have fun in Aus…


  3. Ian Forrester

    Congrats again, make sure you enjoy your time out there. Don’t get too sun burnt riding your bike up and down those straight roads at high speed. Those Kangaroo’s own the road…

  4. mattcashmore

    Blasted roos!

    The coastal road is supposed to be one of the best biking roads in the world… you can see why I’m going!!

    Thanks for the kind words guys 🙂


  5. Rain Ashford

    Go you!

    I want to see lots of piccies of the kitties having fun down under – better teach them to stay away from the scary spiders!


  6. Rob

    That would be the Lonely Planet that’s owned by….. the BBC?

  7. Zoe Kleinman

    Hi Matt, and there was I was hoping to see you at Mashed next year! Have a *fantastic* time – what an exciting adventure 🙂

  8. mattcashmore

    Hey guys – thanks 🙂

    Rob – yes Lonely Planet that BBC Worldwide owns 75% of…. but I am actually leaving the BBC proper and going to work for Lonely Planet proper…. which is a bit scary!


  9. Briantist


    I’ve really enjoyed the times we have met and chatted both on- and offline. Congrats on the new job!

  10. Chris Garrett

    Congratulations Matthew, sounds like an awesome move!

  11. Mario

    Congratulations, and all the best!