IN DESERT, originally uploaded by HORIZON.

Just stunning, stunning shot from HORIZON over on flickr of part of his 3000km trip to the central desert of Iran.

I find myself hankering after the desert again after my slightly ‘not quite there’ visit to Morocco last year. There’s something pure about the lines of the dunes, and the clean, simple peace that the desert brings you.

I could do with some of that peace right now, and I’ve found myself lost in the collections of photos from Iran that Horizon has published. At the moment my favourite is his set of Iran Workers – the faces are so expressive and detailed, an openness that you just don’t see anywhere else.

With any luck, in a few years, I’ll be doing the return leg to the UK overland from Australia, and if I’m lucky I’ll be coming through Iran after passing through India and Pakistan – it’s one of the highlights of my trip – and right now – I’ll just have to satisfy myself with these wonderful photographs.