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The first ever Lonely Planet Travel Bloggers Awards

Yes okay so I’ve only been out of the organising events thing for a matter of months – but I couldn’t resist – how cool to run an LP Travel Bloggers Awards?!

I’ve finally got permission and kinda worked out a few things… so here’s the announcement via the blog:

With all this work going on for blogsherpa, it occurred to us that as well as paying people for their travel related blog posts, we should also do some awards for Travel Bloggers.

We thought that, being LP, we could probably come up with some pretty cool prizes, in a pretty cool place, and perhaps – if we push the boat out – some kind of trophy type thing. Maybe.

So, rather quietly (because I’ve not sorted the details yet) I’m announcing The Lonely Planet 2009 Travel Bloggers Awards – or the TLPTBAs – may have to work on that.

The idea, is to open nominations first thing in Jan in a few categories (suggestions? comment below), close them at the end of Feb – then set up a panel of rather cool people made up of brilliant bloggers, some of our authors and commissioning editors and let them vote BUT… their vote would only make up 50% of the overall socre – the other 50% would come from the public via online voting.

The winners would then be announced with rather grand fanfare in San Francisco in March 2009, at a party of some sort.

That’s it really – I’ll create a new tag (lpawards) here for the awards and as they develop I’ll update more here. Ideas, suggestions and thoughts most welcome.

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  1. Nomadic Matt

    oooo oooo i nominate me! lol

  2. mattcashmore

    you would!

    Nominations will open on first thing in the new year.

    Suggestions for categories?


  3. Robert

    I have a few in my mind to nominate, will nominate them as son as the nomination process is announced!

  4. mattcashmore

    Fantastic – I’m working on opening up nominations this morning – keep an eye on