Those of you that know me well, know I love a bit of an adventure. If I’m not actually riding my bike to Russia or Morocco I’m probably planning what the next trip will be (at the moment that’s probably going to be a short run up to Uluru on the possibly new XT660x.)

Anyway, one of the places that most conjures up dreams of adventure has to be Timbuktu – and I’d not really clicked it was quite as close to the UK as it is – well applying Australian values to distance rather than British. But it appears that it’s so close in fact, that you can fly there. And drive. And glide. Or to be more specific, you can drive, then fly over the water, glide back to earth, drive a little more then take-off again to avoid a natty little mountain range.

The gentleman responsible for this trip is an ex-SAS chap called Neil Laughton. He’s the classic British gent off on an adventure. He says, “Sadly the political situation in some areas on our route is not good and there are some unsavoury people about so we must be careful.” – I just love it.

The BBC have a good video complete with more details over on the News site, or you can read more about the trip on the expeditions own website.