Notice I say fitness not weight? There’s a reason for that and we’ll come to it in a moment. First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who has left comments here on my blog, to the friends who have encouraged me from another continent via Facebook and to the good friends here in Oz who every day say how fantastically I’m doing – it’s your support that has meant I’ve got this far, and it’s your support that will see me hit my target sometime around March next year.

The bad news. Weight. Well, yet again I’ve hit a bit of a sticky point – I’d blame doing two Hack Days two weekends in a row – one of which I ate a lot of biscuits at and the other I was very good at – the reality is that I’ve not been watching what I’m eating well enough and I’ve not done enough exercise and I’m one again faced with a third week at a static weight… but we’ll break through it – 113kg by December 16th so I can say I’ve lost 30kg (4.7 stone) before I come home to London.

The good news. Fitness. I’m going from strength to strength – really. I’m lifting twice as much as I started doing and my cardio tests are amazing – I can’t get over how much better I’m feeling – not only because I’m not carrying as much weight – but because my heart isn’t having to work so hard to move me around – compliment of the year remains, ‘you no longer run like a fat man’ – thanks Marcus.