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The Coffee Post

I’m not sure how long it takes to become a coffee snob, I would say that several years ago I was definitely a snob – but then I’d never been to Melbourne. This city serves the best coffee anywhere, with the exception of one or two little places in rural France, Melbourne’s coffee knocks the socks of anything else – so it’s no surprise that I’ve got to wondering how I’m going to get my fix on my next bike adventure.

Heading to Russia I was going to take this little portable machine

but after testing in the field I decided it wasn’t strong enough to survive my riding style… then, out of the blue came a piece of French pornography that I simply couldn’t ignore. Watch this video

Now, if you still have your coffee in your mug and not all over the computer screen let me tell you a little more about the device. It’s called the Handspresso – have a look at their site – I highly recommend watching the videos.

Could this be the answer to my prayers? It’s small, looks really tough and seems to make the perfect espresso. It does have a couple of issues – mainly that you need the little coffee packs and I’ve not found anywhere that sells those in Oz yet. Can you help? I’m also not convinced that it’ll push the water through at a sensible rate and at the right temperature – but hey – I’m on the road, sometimes I just have to rough it.

EDIT – I’ve found some people that serve the pods


  1. James Clark

    Hey Matthew, glad to hear that you have become a fellow Melbournian and become a coffee snob.

    I’d be interested to find some reviews on the handpresso. The video on their site shows a freshly made espresso with a nice looking crema on top but the proof ultimately is in the tasting.

    • mattcashmore

      I think I’m going to order one when I get to the UK… shipping to Oz seemed rather expensive – although I’m sure I’ll find a local dealer if I looked hard enough. Either way… I’ll do a full review and video when I get it 🙂

  2. James Clark

    …expensive shipping, welcome to Australia. When buying online in Australia you have to do it in cycles. That is when the AUD is near parity to USD shop up, then the AUD drops to about half of a USD again.

    There is a shop in Carlisle St Balaclava that sells all sorts of coffee contraptions as well as coffee beans from all over the world. I’m out of town though for a month or so so will check then as well.