Next in the series of cooking on the road videos is Chicken and Bean-curd Stir-fry – a recipe by Peter from Oslo in Norway via



  • sunflower oil
  • 2 chickenbreast
  • garlic
  • green paprika
  • sugar peas
  • spring onion
  • cabbage
  • beancurd/light miso
  • unsalted cashew nuts


Cut everything into thin slices,except the sugar peas and nuts. Stir fry in above order. I usually precut all ingredients at home,so this meal is best eaten on a weekend trip, also, buying so little quantity ingredients in the local market may be more trouble than it’s worth in our part of the world.

Is it worth the hassle? Yes, it is so much better than expensive dehydrated packets, though they have their time, and with a good pilsner beer you are satisfaction guaranteed.

Peter, in Oslo (GSPeter)