Phil Harper Facebook Advert - click to visit his siteBeing advertised at in facebook is a pain in the ass – the ads are never relevant and regardless of how much time I spend clicking the little crosses and telling facebook I’m not interested in free holidays to spain…. I still get adverts selling me free holidays to spain.

For the first time ever today I got a good ad – very nicley done by a chap called Phil Harper. I’m posting the ad here along with a link to his CV because, whilst not exactly original, he’s making a damn good effort and his CV looks impressive. So… those of you out there in a position to hire this guy – have a read of his CV and drop him a note.

Smart guy. Oh, and his stance that ‘the Daily Mail newspaper is a joke’ – really only adds to his employability.

If people you know read it, inform them of their mistake. Kindly let them know that although it looks like a newspaper, it is in fact a desperate imperialistic rag not even good enough to wipe the arse of its own demi-godess Margaret Thatcher.