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Budapest Itinerary

The plan for the run out to Budapest started as a straight forward dash out and back. But after asking for advice on the Horizons Unlimited forum for places that were somewhere along my route and that I simply couldn’t miss the Stelvio Pass was pointed out to me – how could I possible go so near the pass and not take a run at it? So here’s the final plan – the itinerary that I shall not ignore, that I shall follow to the letter.

I leave Friday 22nd at lunch time for the train over to Calais. Wish me luck. If you spot somewhere I should be going – please let me know – I’d hate to miss something spectacular because I knew nothing about it.

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From To Miles Accom'
London Calais 125 Hotel
Calais Burghaslach 470 Camp
Burghaslach Illmitz 397 Camp
Illmitz Budapest 128 Hotel
Budapest Budapest 0 Hotel
Budapest Zagreb 214 Camp
Zagreb Stelvio Pass 369 Camp
Stelvio Pass Nancy 339 Camp
Nancy Calais 320 Hotel
Calais London 125 Home
Total   2,562  


  1. Selous

    Matt interesting route good report.
    Just wondering a couple of things how long do you have to get there & back again?
    what sort of average speed are you doing per day
    what distance & for how long per day

    • Matthew Cashmore

      Hi there,

      I have taken 8 days in total – the distances are in the table just above these comments – I’ve been spending on average about 7 hours in the saddle – but as I ended up staying an extra day in Budapest I did a 14 hour day yesterday. Today was only 600km but it still took me the better part of 10 hours as I was crossing the Alps.