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Help me map this thing out – Australia Road Trip

Australia MapsToday I headed to the map store and got the broad details I need for the first run into the outback. I love shopping in map stores, but to be honest I miss Stanfords in London – the Melbourne Map Centre as wonderful as they are (they were fantastically helpful and had everything I needed, well worth a visit) – just doesn’t add the same excitement to the start of a trip.

Some of you have been really helpful with suggestions and routes for the trip – so I’ve created a public Google Map that we can all edit – both with places I should visit and to help me work out my route – I’ve made a start but please do dive in and add detail.

View First Australian Bike Trip in a larger map – help me edit this trip

Planning the first ‘medium’ sized trip in Australia

I knew it wouldn’t take long to seriously get into planning my first extended trip here in Australia after I bought the XT660X – so here’s my first stab with some helpful advice from Mr Nigel Dalton (author of the Dalton Diversion) and Mr John Shippick.

Comments on this route greatly appreciated, thoughts on the towns I should visit, when I should ride – I need all the help I can get.

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