Me and Stace with our heater mealsYesterday didn’t go quite as planned – our dear partner in crime (Patrick) was three hours late to the party and turned up just as Stace and I had finished the emotional goodbyes with our families… so we went without him…. he managed to over-take us on the way to Harwich though so the joke was on us as we arrived at the ferry and he was already through passport control and waiting for us to get on!

The party was fantastic – there’s loads of photos on Facebook – go look… they’re there somewhere… I should have ordered more food.. and certainly should have made more potato salad – fun fun fun…

Today was really long – I didn’t sleep at all on the ferry and just hit a brick wall at about 2pm – I had to pull over and force down Red Bull – it’s hideous by the way – but it did get me to Berlin in one piece.

We saw nothing of Holland and Germany other than the motorway network – that was always the plan – but still it still feels a bit wrong. Tomorrow we hit Poland – only 185 miles (rather than the 450 today) so we can take our time, take in the sights and enjoy the country through which we’re traveling.

PS – The podcasting isn’t working right now – we don’t know why but I’m looking into it!