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On the road at last

Me and Stace with our heater mealsYesterday didn’t go quite as planned – our dear partner in crime (Patrick) was three hours late to the party and turned up just as Stace and I had finished the emotional goodbyes with our families… so we went without him…. he managed to over-take us on the way to Harwich though so the joke was on us as we arrived at the ferry and he was already through passport control and waiting for us to get on!

The party was fantastic – there’s loads of photos on Facebook – go look… they’re there somewhere… I should have ordered more food.. and certainly should have made more potato salad – fun fun fun…

Today was really long – I didn’t sleep at all on the ferry and just hit a brick wall at about 2pm – I had to pull over and force down Red Bull – it’s hideous by the way – but it did get me to Berlin in one piece.

We saw nothing of Holland and Germany other than the motorway network – that was always the plan – but still it still feels a bit wrong. Tomorrow we hit Poland – only 185 miles (rather than the 450 today) so we can take our time, take in the sights and enjoy the country through which we’re traveling.

PS – The podcasting isn’t working right now – we don’t know why but I’m looking into it!


  1. Rain

    Watched your podcast last night live, so that’s working okay – just couldn’t message you via the speech bubble! Have put a little video of your leaving on FB and Flickr. Enjoy Poland! 😀

  2. Shauna

    Surely it should be one for all and all for one? It’s a bit off that you left without Patrick, let’s hope similar doesn’t happen whilst you’re away in a foreign country that you don’t know.

    Glad the journey is going well, just hope you all manage to stick together for the rest of it!

    +1 about the comment section on the live stream

  3. Stace's Lil Sis

    Good Luck guys – am thinking of you all. Will be checking everyday to see your blogs. Stay safe esp my big bro – I love you dearly.

  4. Les

    Hi Matthew
    Just a good luck wish from us both, we heard about your podcast from Sheila and will follow your progress
    Betty and Les (Shoreham/Sussex)

  5. Oli

    glad everything is going well, hope you have a fantastic and memorable time, will keep up to date with how its going. good luck you guys! 🙂

  6. Rebecca Fitzgerald

    Hi Patrick,

    Take care mate, enjoying the clips already! Give us some camera time – would like to hear from ya!

    Keep in touch.

  7. peter

    hi mat hope the trip is going well !!!!
    keeping up todate on your blog every night
    all the best peter and family
    come and see us before you go to ozz

  8. Gems and Haggis

    Hi guys!!

    After the tearful farewell on Saturday its great to see you all doing so well. Really enjoying the blogs and seeing you all so regularly, hope everything continues to be such a cool adventure – how are the self heating meals going? how many have you blown up so far *lol*

    We love and miss you all

    Huge hugs

    Gems and Claire xxxxxx


    well, sorry to hear about the probs with staces bike, but i guess its all part of the adventure! cant believe you guys have been on the road for just under a week already!

    Hope otherwise your all enjoying it,

    westie and Perry

  10. Gems and Haggis

    Hey guys – sorry to hear of the problems with the bikes and hope that it is going alot better now and you are all back on the road really soon.

    We miss you loads and are loving the blogs keeping us up to date.

    Keep on going!

    Gems & Claire *huge hugs all round* xxxx

  11. Ian St John

    Hi Lads

    Sounds and looks like you’re having a rollercoaster of a trip. Stay positive, stick together and I’m sure it’ll all come good. The bad bits will make the good bits taste even sweeter in the end.

    We’re all thinking of you down here in Hastings, and watching your adventures with pride.

    Stay safe.

    Ian, Lou & Elise