I’m going to take the opportunity to try 4 days in the saddle this weekend – the tent will go up and down 4 times, and I’ll do 180 + miles each day – the idea being of course, to simulate the kind of milage and day to day activities Russia will see us face. I’ve not done this kind of milage, or multiple camp sites before, so I think it will be a good indication of what it’s going to be like when I’m tired, possibly wet, and just need to sleep.

If you’ve got any ideas where I can head this weekend drop me a line, at the moment the plan is to just head north, then west, then south then home.

The other bits to try out this weekend will be writing each night. So far I’ve been so pre-occupied with actually getting the tent up, cooking, and all that jazz that I’ve not sat down and written for the blog or searched out interesting places for our TrustedPlaces reviews.