Hack Day: London, June 16/17 2007Exciting news if you’re applying for or have applied for tickets for Hack Day – first of all we’ve just sent out the first 300 invites to people who have applied – we have about 150 left to do – that essentially means there are few places left, so if you’ve not got your name down – now is the time to do it.

The last week has been incredibly hectic. I’ve been up to Ally Pally twice to sort the final layouts, I’ve also been working on the fine detail of the event structure and how everything will fit together – the biggest problem is how to keep 500+ bandwidth hungry users spread over the West Hall in an even way so that we don’t swamp any of the APs. I think we’ve solved that now thanks to some intelligent layout and clever thin client APs but ultimately down to Tom Coates idea of a Wi-Fi ‘weather map’ – the idea being that on the main screen in the hall we’ll show every 10 mins or so where the best places are for good clear bandwidth and where clumping is occurring – giving everyone the opportunity to migrate to different hot spots to get the best signal.

The other really cool piece of news is that Tom Scott from the backstage list has put together an unofficial wiki for people to get themselves set up for the event before they come.

Okay – in an effort to cut off the massive flow of “I’m attending, want
to make a team” traffic that I’ve already contributed to – and because
there seems to be no other official discussion routes! – I’ve set up


as a strictly unofficial Wiki site. Hopefully it’ll be a useful
discussion point as it is for BarCamp – there’s a starting template for
team lists and interests, useful links, etc. etc.

It’ll probably get overtaken by an official discussion board at some
point, but it should do in the meantime!

— Tom

… and as you’ve seen at the beginning of this message there are now a very nice collection of badges to slap on your blog – go grab them over at the hackday.org site