Photo from Andyrob's photostream
Photo from Andyrob’s photostream

No not the band, the weather in London at the moment. Don’t get me wrong we need a lot of rain right now, the garden is parched after a particularly dry April, and my wife is pleased as punch that she’s not having to water all of her plants… but why does it seem to rain it’s hardest between 9am and 10am, and 6pm and 7pm… right when I’m heading up the A1 home.

The worst thing of course is that my gear isn’t up to scratch, my jacket is fine, it’s over a year old and been warn every day since then in all weather, delightfully warm and dry (not counting the small patch of water that leaks onto my belly) but my trousers give up after about 30 minutes of constant wetness… ahh well.. time to head over to Great Portland Street again and spend some money with James.