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Feeling down

Writing this in the tent. It’s very lonely here. I’m wondering how much of a good idea this was.

I will write more tomorrow when things will be better I’m sure.


  1. Paola Kathuria

    I wondered if you’d get lonely. I know *I* would.

    You’ll want to give it a few days. But, the thing to remember is that you can always shorten your trip.

    Do you have daily goals such as take 10 photos or eat something new or say hello to someone new?

  2. Frank Wales

    You won’t be lonely for much longer; according to Facebook, you’re attending d.construct on Friday. 🙂

  3. Matt Cashmore

    LOL! I love Facebook!

  4. Matt Cashmore

    Yes – a few days in and everything seems a little better – I can’t say when it happened but all of a sudden the problems ‘became the journey’ and they’re now something that is just something to deal with that will make the whole thing a richer experience….