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Out of the staring blocks…

…. but let’s hope that the trip goes better than today.


Anything that could go wrong today has… first of all when I changed my brake pads on Saturday the dealer had sold me the wrong part. Today saw me leave six hours early so I could call into a dealer on route and buy some new rear pads – then doing the work at the side of the road in Newhaven.


Thank goodness everything is working and the bike is going well. I’ve got a slow speed wobble at around 20 mph that disappears at 40mph – I think it’s simply down to the weight on the back, so I’ll try re-arranging things tomorrow on the Ferry.


Ahh yes the ferry. I’m leaving at 7am, which means being at the terminal at 6am, which means being up at 5am. Joy.


If tonight’s B&B stay is anything to go by I’ll be very glad to get out camping, for one thing I wont have to lump my bags and boxes up two flights of stairs to my room… not to mention Newhaven isn’t exactly the nicest place in the world.


So tomorrow sees me getting half way down through France to Bourgess, then onto the coast the following day.


Wish me luck for the first real day of Journey To Morocco!


  1. huw

    Hope the second brake pad change went better than the first ! Good to hear you’re finally on your way – look forward to hearing more of your adventures

  2. Matt Cashmore

    Yes the second change was easy as pie – for some reason the rear calliper has a basic bolt holding in the pads, no silly retaining pins and allen key bolts… why can’t the front ones be the same?

    Carry on reading – it’s thrilling I’m sure!