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Sleeping on Acorns and Espania!

I’m sat now in the wonderful country of Spain – hurahh! It was hard to notice that I’d even crossed the border and cheered at least three times thinking I’d crossed into my second country before realizing that it was just a police post.

Last night wasn’t too bad but it doesn’t rate very high in my ‘places to see and do’ list. Again the riding was cold going, I had to ditch the summer jacket and grab the winter jobbie, complete with winter gloves. By the time I got to Toulouse it was 6pm and my options for camping were limited, so limited in fact, that in the end I went for a site that looked like it was run by the military. Huge steel gates guarded this welcome stop from the rest of the industrial estate on which it lived. It was actually not too bad, apart from the huge amount of acorns on the floor and how dry the ground was, in fact I think concrete may have been softer. Tip… don’t kneel on an acorn, it hurts.

This morning dawned cold and clear, not a cloud in the sky, but again really rather cold, this time I took a bet that it would get warmer – and indeed it has. I’m sat now in a little cafe in a little village half way up the Pyrenees. Very nice indeed. I’m not making great time as the roads are so twisty, but far better for me to make slow going rather than bore myself to death on the motorways and toll roads.

Mileage to date

Day 0.5 – 125
Day 1 – 235
Day 2 – 320
Day 3 – 260 (planned)

I’m now scouring the map to see if there’s a slightly greener place to stop on the coast rather than a resort. I’ll update you tomorrow on my success. Gibraltar still seems so far away.

Ahhh yes before I forget – photographs – don’t worry I’ve been taking loads – but I found out yesterday that Orange charge me £8 per meg whilst abroad… if that’s not screwing me I don’t know what it – so I’m holding off on uploading them until I find an Internet cafe – probably in Gibraltar.


  1. Frank Wales

    Never forget the low cost-per-megabyte of the postal system (although the latency is worse than IP over carrier pigeons).

    You could dump your pictures to CD/DVDs and post the discs back to Blighty.

    It’ll give you an off-site backup, and you might even know some helpful person who’ll upload them for you in your absence.

    Also, consider posting those big souvenirs you collect as well; it means you won’t have to worry about packing those irresistible camels you’re bound to pick up along the way.

  2. Matt Cashmore

    Very good idea, I´ve been wondering how to pack the camel I´ve ordered – problem solved!

    DVD burning – yes great idea, I just need to find someone with a burner…. oh my money is running out… bye!!!!!