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Afritrex – 5 Marathons, 5 Mountains

Holly cow. These guys are totally nuts.

Seriously… I thought we were mad in our little jaunt over to Russia and back, but compared to Ben and Owen, we’re off for a stroll in the park.

I love this kind of thing; Ben and Owen are driving counter clockwise around Africa – enough of a challenge on it’s own – but to make things interesting they’re also going to:

  • To complete five marathons of at least 26 miles
  • To climb five of the highest mountains in Africa
  • To visit as many of the sites across Africa where the Victoria Cross has been won as possible (VC180 Challenge) and
  • To hold a number of transport technology workshops based around the Trailblazer project

I’m already excited about tracking the Dakar (starting Jan 5th) but this now also gives me something else to watch in Africa – it also gives me something else to spend my money on – in fact perhaps you should consider donating to – it’s pretty damn impressive and they deserve to raise a stupid amount of money for their chosen charity.

Good luck guys!


  1. MotoChick1

    Very cool post, Matt. I’m looking forward to Dakar, too, and wanted to pass along a resource I found. is from one of the Team Dakar USA blokes who is going to be sending live updates from the race, and he’s even going to try to blog if he is able to. He’s into cars and trucks, so not quite our speed, but regardless it’ll be pretty cool to get updates on the race from the race!

  2. mattcashmore

    Cool 🙂 Thanks for the comment. I’m following the Dakar via RallyRadio – very cool – – I’ve just slapped the RSS into iTunes and I get my nice little update during the race.

    Off to look at wheresronn now!